Having a good time…

Learning to be a production carver is interesting.  There’s really no one around here that I can turn to for advice.  The best I can do is take cues from those that have done it before me.  Even when Instagram and Facebook seem full of others doing the same thing, It’s not the same as having an apprenticeship like a plumber or an electrician.

Right now, I need to make inventory for the Country Fair.  For those of you who are not yet familiar, the Country Fair is a long running tradition here in Oregon.  It’s a juried craft show that’s notoriously picky and a hippy stand-out as a very different kind of festival.

I’ve been moving lately and haven’t been carving much at all.  So, when I went to finish carve today, I was clumsy and trying too hard.  I can get into this mode.  I try and try, but the work isn’t coming out to the highest standard.  Basically, I’m working too hard and not feeling enough.

My best work comes from feeling relaxed, centered and sure of my concept of the piece, every time.  I wasn’t there this morning, so hence this blog post.

I wonder how I can best cultivate that kind of relaxed centeredness more in my work.  It always gives the best result and I’m tired of doing inferior work and pretending I can somehow make it better later.

So I guess this post is just a little reminder to me to find something better to do when I’m not in the zone.  Work only when you’re ready to do the best work, settling for less would just cheat me and my customers.  Huh…

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