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To me, making things is part of the human DNA.  Our ability to take the raw, elemental materials found in our local environment and transform them into tools, art, language or other modes of communication, is possibly what makes us human.  To be personally in touch with this impulse and to spread this awareness throughout my community is the real nature of my work.

I live and work in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Eugene, Oregon.  Here you can find me displaying my crafts at the Eugene Saturday Market and at the Oregon Country Fair.

As of the summer of 2016, I primarily make and sell handcarved woodenware inspired by the Scandinavian Tradition.  Growing up in Minnesota, an area of the United States known for its Scandinavian cultural heritage, I feel connected to the cultural traditions and aesthetics of this work.

More broadly, I want to do my part to encourage handcraft as a way of life.  I believe that we are responsible for creating the world around us, and that acceptance of this responsibility is a source of personal empowerment.  I want to help create a world where the goods we own and use speak kindly to our senses and encourage us to find our connection to that inherently human creativity.

Making by hand teaches me patience.  I use hand tools because they are a valid part of the human experience.  We owe our modern luxury to the generations before us. Preserving their methods and knowledge is a necessary part of understanding our place in the history of humanity.  Plus, it’s fun and effective.

I feel very fortunate to be able to devote my life to creating goods of the finest quality and durability, with an aesthetic appeal that instantly tells the user part of the human story.  Each item is a collaboration of sorts; the intersection of steel and wood, the convergence of human intelligence and element absolutes.  There is wisdom to be found in handcraft I encourage you to seek it.

Keep in touch with me on Instagram, Facebook, at our local markets and over on the blog for information about upcoming events and demonstrations, lessons, and new products.

Best Regards,

– Daniel R. Yanchury, Craftsman and Proprietor of Corylus Crafts











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